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Writer's Block: Stories of old

Who is your favorite mythical creature/character, and why?

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In this order, all four are worthy of mention:  

1. Angels (Specifically, winged humans, not the Biblical kind, but dey cool too.)

2. Mad Scientists

3. Leanan Sidhe (A cruel Irish muse with no regard for the artist's sanity or wellbeing.)

4. Ice Queens

A frienda mine kinna got me stated on ice queens. But it wasn't until I decided to write Jadis (from "The Chronicles of Narnia") into "Heart of the Realm" AND cosplay a Yukionna (an evil snow spirit from old Japanese lore) that in a teaspoonful of ways I started to identify myself as one. Most of all, I just got the physique for it… And the climate preference… So, if I ever go into acting, those will probably be the roll-archetypes I target. Fantasy made practical, eh? :-3

I find it kinna interesting how all my favorite mythical creatures are all but entirely human in shape.

Werewolves are pretty cool, but they're more like #25 or #26 down my list. The handful of dreams I've had with werewolves in them were all epic fun, though. In one, the cure for werewolfism was some complex combination of the individual werewolf's own venom and "Martian blueberries". (A real life salt phenomenon unique to the surface of Mars.) Alternatively, a human could just bite it on the ear! (In the movie Snow Dogs, that was rumored to be how a musher could win dominance over an aggressive husky.) LOL!! xD

Sorcerers are probably #5 on my list, but I kinda think of them as being the same as Mad Scientists—-just a little more ancient. Was what Dr. Jekyll accomplished not crossing the line into sorcery?! Some things are taboo for a reason! But they do provide us with some excellent drama in fiction. >:-3

Moar Awzome Papercraftz

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How important is physical attraction in selecting a romantic partner?

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It is a forensic science. Learn it. Live it. Love it.

….And use it to make better cosplays! ;-3

Personally, I also love using physiognomy to write stories. (Heart of the Realm) Because then what we call "character development" suddenly connotates hard physical transformation. My characters are always very reflective (something of myself that shines through any literary mask I don); And in any story I read or write, I always, always LOVE the moments when a character realizes that they barely even recognize themselves—inside AND out—-anymore.

One example that immediately comes to mind has a special condition. It is when Stanley Yelnats in the novel "Holes" is riding the bus to Camp Greenlake after being convicted of an exaggerated crime he didn't even commit. Now, it's been, like, eight years since I read that book, but I remember liking to think how different the situation he found himself in was from any possible situation that he ever expected to find himself in. Innocent or not no matter——-he awoke one day a bonafide convict. And if not one's self-image, that will at least rattle a person's world-view.

In another case, there's a scene I envision—but still haven't written yet—for 3/4 of the way though "Heart of the Realm". Ideally, the writing itself should remind the reader of the first chapter in the story, in which young Ansem studies his facial features in his bedroom mirror after having a nightmare. The later scene takes place in his 30s after he has suffered immeasurable grief, stress, and physical illness. The grief has made his hair prematurely white, the stress has carved deep lines in his face before his time, his intelligence and incessant study have made his stare burn like a pair of laser beams, and, most noticeably of all, the medication he needed to save his life caused his skin to drastically darken. "Who is this freak?!" is essentially what that little boy in Chapter 1 wants to know, almost unbelieving of all that befell him in just over two decades to transform him this way, little by little….. And, not simply for a beautifully tragic display of contrast that the reader can appreciate, Ansem's physical reflection inspires him to wonder if he has changed just as much on the inside, if not even more. (Which to the reader should obviously be the case.)

*EDIT* Knowing from the very seedlings of the project that I wanted HotR to revolve mainly around physiognomy and tell-tale transformations, I decided to heavily research Michael Jackson to learn how he felt about facing tabloids with a deforming disease. As an actual king, Ansem would also have to face millions of people and answer for what was happening to him. A year before MJ died, I made this decision, and procrastinated said research, so I was pretty upset when I heard the news in 2009 even though I wasn't a fan of his music. :*(

Now, to get back to the QotD, I personally believe that desirable habits in another person will inherently—over time—alter minutia in their physical appearance to such a degree that it could even make or break one's attraction to them. For instance—-from a girl's POV—strong athletic men are not all alike; The different sports they practice will emphasize different muscle sets. Swimmers may appear to have 'tapered' bodies. (Women too!) Runners are very lean, etc…

But not just with sports; When it comes to personality, our faces have muscle sets as well. Think about yourself—-how often do you smile? Do you worry a lot? Do you sleep a lot? Are you regularly nonchalant, or are you always animated and expressive? Now, as our faces naturally age over the years, surely how we have used them is bound to manifest some permanent visual mark after the accumulation of hundreds-of-thousands of repetitions. That is just one narrow aspect, though; There are many, many more. Other than that I honestly know nothing about physiognomy except a good sketch of what the word means, and a strong belief in the practicality it.

There are of course genetic variations between individuals and even whole ethnicities, but I for one think a person's chosen lifestyle can overshadow even their genetics. (Without plastic surgery, or totally New Age approaches to "mind over matter".)

Granted, not many of us would 'choose' a life of sorrows, but those, too, obviously can shape our soft mortal clay from the inside.

It's 6:24 and I'm practically writing with my eyes closed. Sorry if I failed grammatically or logically at and point above, but my brain is feeling more like a great mass of fused gummybears right now. Wanna watch it bounce across the floor like a superball? Well, too bad. I need it for a pillow-weight right now. For, you see, the weatherman predicted high winds today, and of all the things I own, I would dreadfully miss my favorite pillow if it floated away. 🙁

10 Year Anthology

Been going though my old writings tryna figure out if I yet have enough short stories penned to compile a sizable hardback. Dunno yet. Codewords used below instead of titles. 😛

Short Stories:

Winter Sky
Collar Shirts
As I Paint
Person Unknown

"Heart of the Realm"
Truth Be Blue*
Secret Lab*

Dawww COME ON! I gotsta have more than just this! …And only one of those short stories is in a publishable condition. It gets worse. The * sign means I've been committed to writing it for more than three years, bust still haven't written it yet. D:

Haha!! I just found an old working-title for the novel designate above as Truth Be Blue—–"Amoebaba and the 0.40 Thieves". ROFL!!! xD