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Red Glow: Kitsune Killer & Sea Wyrms

Meh. I wanna write these two dreams down, but after a day and a half I still don't feel like it… Force of will wins this time.

The more blue curtains I hang in our house, the more *red* I realize this whole city is. From the color of the dirt, to the color of the sky, to the color everybody paints their houses and business….. NO WONDER I've had volcanic or bloody nightmares as long as I've lived here! My dad still seems determined to die here eventually, and keep his kids living as close to himself as a 30 minute drive. But I'm starting to think, maybe for everybody's sake, WE NEED TO GET ME OUT OF HERE BEFORE I GO INSANE!!

Well, not seriously, unless there is a diagnosable psychological condition with an unpronounceable name that means "fear of the color red".  (*edit* Now that I've found that link, I wonder if there is a word that means "fear of psychology"?)

In the first dream, I was being threatened with a hunting rifle by a completely delusional raving lunatic. Somehow, I precariously talked my way out of being shot, then afterwords followed the man into a yellowing autumn forest. He was obsessively searching for red foxes to shoot and-or horribly torture. I learned that his cruelty occasionally extended to redheaded young women as well. I followed him for quite a bit, all the while extremely careful of every word I said to him, knowing he could lapse back into a rage and kill me on the spot. In the end. something I said got him to open up about his reasons for killing; He began a very emotional, loud, and pouty rant, and led me to an old video-game arcade that he'd frequented as a child and happened to be still in business. He started playing one particular fantasy game—-surprisingly no more violent than Pirates of the Caribbean, for example—–and showed me a character of a scantly armored young woman with wavy flame-red hair. She was an Anglo kitsune—–a fox spirit from Japanese folklore that has the ability to shapeshift into human form. He was obsessed with this character ever since his boyhood—–frighteningly so—-and over the years had become angry that she wasn't real, and could never be. The more angry he was, the more he dwelt on it, and the more angry he became, until eventually he started to take out his frustration on real foxes and real women who looked like her but weren't.

Psycho-slasher-thriller much? *siiiiiiggghhh* Move over Stephen King.

I'm beginning to see the reality of making millions of $$$ off of these dreams.

The second dream was actually set in a video-game world. The animation style was a lot like Fusion Fall, an online Cartoon Network MMO modeled after World of Warcraft but starring characters like Dexter and The Powerpuff Girls. There was some location on the game map that I was trying to get to that was extremely far away. Now, the way I was SUPPOSED to travel there was to run on foot (with my little 3D avatar character) along windy roads that led safely (by avoiding areas full of monsters that were much higher levels than me) over each of the four or five in-game continents via long suspension bridges. Following that path would have taken foooorrreeeever, I thought, and I just didn't feel like wasting 20 minutes of my life. The destination point on my map was on the continent just south of the continent I started on, so halfway across the suspension bridge leading East, I dove into the ocean and began swimming South as a shortcut.

As a rule of thumb for a lot of video games, the higher level (more difficult to defeat) the monsters are, the scarier they have to look, and the scarier the place they inhabit has to look. The real Fusion Fall game has everything colored green because a giant alien snot ball (in essence) is trying to absorb the Earth; But my dream was supposedly in some other game that doesn't really exist… I knew that the monsters that would be in the sea were bound to be far higher levels than I was, but I was pretty good at this special attack that usually could finish off any monster before it could attack me even once, thus I knew I actually stood a chance of making the journey in one piece.

One could already see from the suspension bridge a dark red overcast sky in the distance to the South—-a warning to beginning (low level) gamers like myself. The seawater too, as I dove in and swam, quickly turned a bright red. Not like blood, for it was crystal clear, not opaque; It was only reflecting the sky. If I dove with my eyes open, I could see fiery red beams of light shimmering under the surface of the water far off into the distance. I encountered only one kind of monster, and though it was powerful, it was easier to beat than I'd expected. They looked like armored, scarlet sea serpents, except they weren't much longer from nose to tail-tip than a shark.

About halfway across, I encountered a black iron submarine full of high-level players which surfaced under me. They invited me aboard because the monsters wouldn't bother me in it. It was actually supposed to be The Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, but Captain Nemo himself wasn't in the game; The submarine just went back and forth across the sea on autopilot as a transport for experienced players who earned the privilege.

There really wasn't anything bad plot-wise in this dream, it was mostly broken up and aimless, but there is still this apocalyptic image in my head of red sea-wyrms leaping in and out of the waves of a red ocean beneath a red cloudy sky. Not to mention going for a swim in that chaos.

[link] Hmmm, red increases irritability and blood pressure, huh? That explains a lot.

Heraldic Lion (Appliqué) Hunt

Y'see, I made this long emerald green coat with brass buttons that have lion-banner designs on them. I want it to be rather steampunkish, but for that it'll need many more 'shiny things' attached to it. First on the wishlist is a big, beautiful, brass colored heraldic-lion appliqué to span across the shoulders. I can't find anything I like in stores, so I started looking online. Now, I'm not entirely against the idea of designing my own, but already this coat has over 130 hours spent on it, so the thought does make me wince.

(Or some variant of…)

If you had to eat the same thing for dinner every night for the next year, what would you choose?

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I almost would have said sashimi, but I heard a whisper of some concern over eradiated tuna migrating our way soon… If only that was the worst of our concerns at this time!!

I had a dream a few nights ago about the entire human race worldwide becoming eradiated to some degree—–a few lucky individuals developed superpowers, others sprawled on the sidewalks in their death throes. (By the time my dream ended, my own fate sill remained undiscovered.) I admit I do not really know what happens to people with severe radioactivity exposure. (Other than maybe cancer or mass organ failure?) The news about Japan has been difficult to follow…

When God sent His rain of mana to the people in the desert, they should have at least been glad it was light and soft. Canned anything would have killed people!

Though, a Heavenly rain of canned goods is only likely to happen in a "Monty Python & the Holy Grail" sequel. I can already picture the characters revising their theories about swallows, and covering their heads with grain baskets. 😀

Which book that you've read would make a great movie, and why? Who would you pick to play the main characters?

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I have yet to see a film rendition of "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" do justice to the book, which makes me very, very sad. The most faithful film version I ever saw actually belonged to a childrens animation, but now I can't find it online anymore. What I want to see be made——–is a version that is absolutely faithful to the book, narrated by Mr. Utterson, co-starring Dr. Lanyon, NOT inventing a love-interest for Henry Jekyll, depicting Mr. Hyde as a deformed midget like how he is described as in the book instead of as a 9ft-tall Frankenstein's monster, and that withholds the truth about Dr. Jekyll until towards the end after spinning a mystery for the viewers to ponder over throughout the first half of the film. The ONE little twist of originality that I would LOVE to see introduced——is for the entire film to be visually steampunk. Preferably, even to the extremity of rivaling "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" in the way of being just a brilliant piece of atmospheric eye candy. 😀

Definitely would have to get some unknowns to fill the ranks, otherwise something tells me we'd be likely to end up with Robert Downy Junior playing Dr. Jekyll, and he talks too flat. :\

Writer's Block: Going down

You're on a crashing plane and your partner is fast asleep. Would you wake her/him up to say 'I love you' one last time or let her/him die in her/his sleep?

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I'd wake em up, because I'd never be dating a guy who didn't hate comfort in ignorance in the first place.

Likewise, were our places switched and they let me die in my sleep, we'd seriously be looking at the possibility of a fistfight breaking out at the Pearly Gates. Started by yours truly. xD

If you were given one magic wish to improve the world, for what would you wish?

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Hmmm…. fist thing that came to mind would be "a cure for stupid", but then an ad popped up in ma face and I thought wishfully how nice it would be if there was no such thing as commercial advertising anymore. (Businesses would just have to rely on word of mouth and service-lookup sources to get the word out about them.)

Of course there are more noble things to wish for, like cancer cures, recovery of endangered species, an end once and for all to racism, oppression, violence, and poverty……… But the question only says we get ONE wish, which just isn't enough to make EVERYBODY happy.

Because, to just wish "for everybody to be happy" without actually SOLVING any of the issues CAUSING humanity's unhappiness———could only be a wish for ignorance.

I still like the sound of a Cure for Stupid, though. At least then our leaders might actually have a stroke of brilliance once in a while, which would be a step in the right direction on ALL accounts. 🙂

Tactics: Unicorn v.s. Centaur

Of all the random arguments online…….

I gots to thinking a bit too hard, and before I knew it……..

Musashi would know which to choose. 😀

I train in [LINK] under a hardcore sensei who is obsessed with following Musashi, so in this lineage of spirit I commit my two purddy red cents.

Either would be an invaluable edition to any army, but as in The Chronicles of Narnia, I would rather ride a unicorn and fight alongside a centaur, but not ride the centaur. Had I only the choice of a centaur mount, I would rather fight on foot, even if I was fighting an enemy on horseback. (Using a nodachi, probably.) My one reason is that centaurs can defend themselves the more easily from the side (carry two swords, which Musashi himself invented and perfected and believed superior in strategy — Niten Ichi) as well as attack with both their fore and hind hooves; Having a human on their back would be an incredible hindrance. (Might accidentally lob their own rider's head off!!)

Whereas, a unicorn and a human together is a good combination because a human can cover its sides, though the combination still probably wouldn't be as effective as a centaur by himself. For one thing, the centaur probably has the strength of a horse in both of its human arms. And for another, the human would still only be able to carry one sword upon the unicorn because he'd have to keep his other hand on the reigns. To have a human on a centaur—three to four swords between them—is excessive, such that there is no tactical benefit, even though it LOOKS impressive. (On the other hand, a human archer/marksman upon the back of a two-sword-carrying centaur might be the superior combination after all… Hmmm…..)

The trademark beauty of a unicorn can itself be a weapon of war, as many ancient samurai would even wear makeup. It was generally their ideal to appear stoic and even serene on the battlefield in order that it may unnerve their enemy by making them seem untouchable. Some were said to even be as beautiful as women. (Hence bishounen warriors in anime today.) On the other hand, Musashi himself is believed to have never bathed (for fear of being caught unarmed, as one shouldn't get a sword wet.) nor cut his hair in order that he would look more savage, to the same effect of rattling his opponent's resolve.

One must not doubt the ferocity of unicorns, as swans can become quite vicious even though their beauty has lead people to initially think they're harmless. A blood drenched unicorn would be a terror to see charging at you. I'm sure they come in black, too. If not, there is always war paint. (Not the My Little Pony rear hip tattoos; Think more along the lines of tribal designs and runic spells.) Not to mention Rapidash has a mane of FLAME! A black Rapiddash—–warn your enemies to start praying NOW! >:D

Given that they are both mythical, the strengths and weaknesses of either creature are only what we imagine them to be. The truth is, fewer people can imagine unicorns ever looking or acting bad@$$, (never mind that little girls tend to be the most evil characters in horror flicks) whereas there is little disagreement that centaurs are inherently so, like dragons; It's not like cute harmless dragons are unheard of, as an example of the inverse. Even with mere horses in reality, only certain breeds were favored for war; Surely the same goes for unicorns, and that soldiers would ride a different kind than, say, eight-year-old princesses.

My analysis excludes the possibility of either creature having an advantage in spellcasting, which makes it a more "realistic" one; Depends how rampant magical ability is in your fantasy world. (In the Chronicles of Narnia, very few creatures seemed to have actual magic, and even the powerful White Witch needed a wand.)

I for one conclude that the most effective physical fighter—on a typical fantasy battlefield with knights and wild animals, without tanks or camouflaged rifleman or Kevlar—-would most likely be a human archer seated backwards on a dual-wielding centaur, with a loose harness holding the human's lower back against the centaur's so that the centaur can buck without throwing them, and the centaur wearing double quivers like saddlebags. (Imagine being able to draw your bow before you even have the arrow all the way out! Eliminating the one motion of reaching behind your head [and then drawing] could save vital milliseconds!) Most-all angles from which the pair could possibly be attacked are well covered, mobility is well enough preserved, and even the ranges are varied. And about the human getting their head accidentally cut off—–seated back-to-back with the centaur, the human's head would naturally remain much closer to the centaur's own head, reducing that risk. Practice at minding each other and working together would have to account for the rest.

If this arrangement was attempted on a unicorn with human intelligence, the unicorn would still not be able to attack without rearing (hooves), tossing its head (biting), or charging (horn), as a centaur could (fight while more or less stationary) simply due to the fact that it has arms. But for the classic setup—with the rider facing forwards—I'd still rather ride the unicorn, at least if I expected to help in the fight at all; Centaurs are probably better for protecting mere passengers, like carrying away wounded.

Are we finally lost now? ROFL

Svannah Summerized

Man….. I really gotta do some character art for Heart of the Realm. These characters are getting just too $#^#^% cool for school! \(^.^)/

But… man I hate drawing….


Hair Color: dark red with an extremely strong copper tinge
Hair Lengths: back-length while queen; boyishly short in SOLDIER
Eye Color: shocking pale blue; becomes dark aquamarine in SOLDIER
Skin: pale, cycles through freckles—-almost none while queen

Daughter of Hollow Bastion Castle's longtime clockkeeper
Big-time daddy's girl
Narnia's Joan-of-Arc figure (archer upon Belphoebe the griffin)
Queen of Narnia
Dual-wielding 1st Class SOLDIER (Queen Zoe's night chamberguard)

Would have been the perfect girl for Ansem had he not remained enamored with the White Witch for decades after her death; Savannah waited a while, but got over her feelings and moved on, but never herself married, either. She dated a centaur until Aslan denied her request to be transformed into a centaur, herself. Fell out of touch with Ansem after Ansem lost his memory, but stayed good friends with Hans until his and Zoe's deaths. (IF I decide that she and Ansem should ever meet again, it will definitely not be until after Ansem's defeat by Sora at the door to Kingdom Hearts.)


(Based on "The Goddess Etro" in Final Fantasy VersusXIII, not yet released, and Disney's 1998 animation "Atlantis: The Lost Empire")

Etrodomhua, first queen of the empire Atlantis in ca. 14,000 BC. She made a crystal out of her own heart so that her people could use it to end their suffering for all time. Her benevolent will lives on in it, and every Atlantian king or queen since then has added their hearts to it at the ends of their lives so that the crystal became stronger and stronger with every passing era, but only her female descendants can physically combine with it; Sometimes, the crystal requires a human form in order to best defend its people, as it did in ca. 6,000 BC when Atlantis was buried in the sea. People who can see the light of Etro were individuals who encountered her personally (during a near-death experience) halfway between the world of Hollow Bastion and the world of Kingdom Hearts, for halfway is where Etrodomhua lingers so that she can still watch over her people. If the person returns to life, their heart will still unconsciously remember the way back to her, as well as how to detect the energy of hearts that would otherwise be invisible, and also how to hear Etro's voice from the nether-realm.