Competition Costume for ComiCon 2009

Since the snowy night Theresa was born in Southern Arizona, her family has known her hands were meant to serve her well, because she had the most beautiful hands of any baby her family had ever seen. As a young child, she took command of color and materials to create beauty and shape, inventing some entirely new art forms. When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would answer, “Why do I have to wait? I am an artist.” Creating art has simply always been who she is. Whatever struck her fancy, within a few days, she would suddenly have it, made from paper mache, bamboo, or other materials. In grade school, any time the students were beginning their art projects, class would stop, and all heads would turn toward Theresa, to see how she would approach each project.

As she grew up and became involved in the martial arts, Theresa took an interest in Japanese anime artists, and studied Japanese culture and language in college, as well as garment construction. Not content with the kimono patterns available in mass produced sewing shop catalogs, she studied and emulates the traditional methods used by Japanese kimono makers themselves. She does, however, make the exception of using a sewing machine. Her interests in sewing and anime movie art lead her into cosplay, which is a word derived from “costume play”, and competing in San Diego’s giant Comic Con convention. Not only does that involve sewing inventiveness for the costumes themselves, but sculpture, in creating accompanying movie props for the competition.

Theresa’s hands are always moving, always creating. We hope you like what you see.