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Ain't Language Lovely?

One of the things I really like about myself are the ridiculous figures of speech that come out of my mouth sometimes——so a day or two ago I started wondering how funny it would be if I doodled cartoons of their literal interpretations, and thus began keeping a list of some of the better ones I've sputtered over the past week or two.

Like checking your email on a fortune cookie. (Why I hate Netbook computers)
For the love of a platinum-blond sasquach.
Bacon-flavored bubbles! (Because my dog likes to snap at bubbles.)
It's an autonomous hockey puck that sucks on the floor. (Explaining Roombas)
The world is a wanton for rich cats.
A weepy-drunk alley cat howling at the moon. (Why I can't stand a certain song,)

Writer's Block: Dynamite with a laser beam

What's your favorite line from a song, and why?

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First that came to mind: "All that glitters is gold!" because it's a philosophy of life that I like. It's not the riches, it is the richness of one's perception; As an artist, I have the power to alchemize anything I can touch; As a writer, something some people would call "having a golden tongue", I can therefore also alchemize many things that I can't touch. That's the long version version of my reason——-the short version is that line just makes makes me feel better when I'm down. If all that glitters is gold, perhaps I'll go sit on a wall and blow bubbles into the neighbor's yard…. The only other (common) thing in nature that even remotely resembles bubbles, at least which I can think of, is mother-of-pearl, a semi-precious stone. 🙂

Scary, though, are those people who can give elegant words to things which are in truth profane……..whom I, as a straight-talkin' Christian, decree my long-term nemeses…

Fun Fact: My Irish-Texan gma bloodied her nose on the Blarney Stone. True story!! xD

And then I thought of two more lines, which are also favorites because they are the pinnacles of two very powerful and tragic songs. I literally feel 'a stabbing heave of sorrow' in my chest whenever these songs come to these lines. In order, they are:

"For some reason I can't explain, I know St. Peter won't call my name." "Viva la Vida"

"And Puff, that mighty dragon, he ceased his fearless roar." "Puff the Magic Dragon"

If you were a pirate, where would your hideout be and what would it look like?

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Like I'm gonna tell ya. :,D

In three words, how would you describe Lady Gaga?

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They say that the first answer you think of is most likely the right one……

In that case….

*headdesk headdesk headdesk*

On second thought, maybe…..

Loves negative attention.

What is your favorite cult film, and why?

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"Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog"

Because I'm a sap for stories about mad scientists. O~b~v~i~o~u~s~l~y~~~~~~

Of course the fact that it was written during the Writer's Strike to prove a point that good writers don't need big production companies to be successful just makes it extra sweet, too. 😀

O BTW………Looka THIS!!!!

Right: Neil Patrik Harris, played protagonist in "Dr. Horrible"
Left: Jan Schweiterman, played antagonist in "Good Burger"

At first I was like: O__________O

And then I was like: O__________O

If you were a cross-breed between two animals, what animals would they be, and why?

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Growin' up a Harry Potter fan, naturally I put way too much careful thought into what my "animagus" or "patronus" animal form would be. After actually several years of extremely passive mulling, I finally narrowed down the entire animal kingdom to two could-not-possibly-be-more-different-from-each-other creatures: a barn owl, or a seahorse. The only thing the two practically have in common is their mysteriousness. One flies silently through the darkness, the other lurks discreetly at the bottom of the sea. The creatures, according to the descriptions for animagus and patronus, must represent an individual's personality, not simply be their favorite animal. That made choosing tricky… ANYWAYS—–I always enjoyed a good LOL whenever I imagined what a chimera of the two might look like.

Then I met an Eagle Owl in person. *swoooooooon* ^_____^

…And decided to use "Brother Bear" as a world in Heart of the Realm. Due to the beautiful, bright orange eyes and long, pointed "ears" of the Eagle Owl, along with every owl's longstanding association with wisdom, turning Ansem into one for his adventure in that world was perfect! (I've been mulling this over in high-gear lately.) I'm also infinitely glad that I had the idea to include the race of rabbit-people called Viera from "Final Fantasy XII" and "Reverent Wings"——their nature-oriented spiritualism makes them a perfect substitute for the native Alaskan people in Brother Bear, but their mysterious and cloistered way of life makes them easy for maybe one lost little boy to find, but for the rest of the busy world to miss.

Unlike Kenai, Ansem would be an outsider to forest life, because he's a prince raised in the heart of modern society. The wilds immediately surrounding Lambent Falls (as I call what the official cannon calls "Radiant Garden") are heavily forested (as seen in a projector-slide in "Deep Jungle" from KH1) and poorly mapped. So, I'm thinking of having the Viera be the stuff of legends. Citizens speculate, some people claim they've seen or even spoken with one of these tall rabbit people, and yet fewer and fewer people believe they actually exist. (Meanwhile, one becomes an engineer at Shinra's Weaponry Shop!) In truth, the Viera flit through the forest like bunny-eared ninjas. Somehow, (I'm just gonna rant now) Ansem gets turned into an owl and finds their secret city, or finds their city and then gets turned into an owl, I haven't yet decided which, thus begins a very peculiar adventure for the young prince.

I watched both "Brother Bear" the original, and "Brother Bear 2". Surprisingly, BB2 had the most helpful 'pearl of plot' scraped out of the films so far. The lone line, "Once you love someone, they stay in your heart forever." Throughout the movie, it was clearly something positive——-but in context of Heart of the Realm, it casts a blackly ominous foreshadow of Ansem's apparently permanent, postmortem 'crush' on the White Witch of Narnia later in the story.

I've also been 'mulling in high-gear' over what happens minutes-days after the end of KH1. (The end of the 3rd Act) The state of affairs would be this: Ansem never was a true Heartless, because I'm using my old fanfictions "Ansem Report 14" and "Ansem Report 15", which I hope to elaborate on. (Points to the date on that webpage indicating when they were first posted. *wince*) In short, a Heartless is half of a person's heart that's blindly looking for its other half, but Ansem still has both halves of his heart thus he stayed human when his body was destroyed. Since Ansem was possessing Riku's body when he fought Sora in the World of Chaos (a game stage), Riku's body took all the damage and was destroyed practically the instant after he helped Sora close and seal the Door to Kingdom Hearts, leaving Riku's heart in the same ghostlike state as Ansem's.

Without a body for protection, such a heart is exposed to the full forces of Light and Darkness. In Ansem's case, Darkness made him think as if he was a Heartless, thus he was driven mad by a will to consume and destroy. (Note that that still doesn't explain away his earlier immoral experiments; He IS guilty of terribly things in his right mind and of his free will.) At the end of KH1, when he called out to Kingdom Hearts for more Darkness and instead it overpowered him with Light, the Light lifted the amnesia from his childhood and he suddenly remembered once being a benevolent king in Narnia, bitterly lamenting Jadis, and being turned into an owl.

This does NOT grant him alternating good-and-evil personalities, though it comes close; Instead, the overwhelming feeling he has is of not recognizing himself anymore from either point of view—-every little thing he thinks, does, or feels surprises himself, and it is in this state of shock that King Mickey finds Ansem within Kingdom Hearts. Mickey sympathizes, and grows hopeful of a turnaround. Even still, Ansem—not completely changed—fervently rethinks his understanding of the heart, and eventually creates two hearts out of thin air. Unable to give them bodies, these two Hearts From Nothing are in the same unfortunate ghostly state as Ansem himself and Riku. They appear human except for glowing amber eyes. Rain, a silver-haired girl, hides hers with a blindfold. Clay, the boy, hides his under his long blond hair. Ansem sports his around showing the least concern. Riku simply turns his face away from everyone.

Noctis, sometime in the middle of Act 2, is frozen solid when his dark powers suddenly flooded out of him all at once.

Savannah disappeared along with Leon & company when Hollow Bastion fell to the Heartless. Then at some point Rain and Clay (the two hearts created from nothing) fled from their maker, took refuge with her, and learned dual-wielding. After all, Savannah's a 1st Class SOLDIER.

I totally lost the original train of thought here. Well, it's been over a week since my last post, and one way or another I seriously needed to get these new ideas written down. Bear with me pwease. Never, ever, EVER take this blog seriously—-if I think something ought to be considered a fair sampling of my intellect, I'll copy-and-post it somewhere else. Most of the time I can't even see through the glare of my contact lenses. Fine fate for an artist, eh? Might be nice to learn Braille just so I COULD actually type with my eyes closed / in my sleep…

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DANGIT JUST VOTE ALREADY!!!! $5k is at stake!!!!   D: D: D:  /  😀 😀 😀

Spent the whole day yesterday tidying up and suiting up and/or waiting for my mom to get back so she could take this photo. I made this dress four years ago……it doesn't fit anymore. But at least it has an open front. The dress I wore underneath it don't fit anymore neither, but it's a pullover and it doesn't stretch. I could hardly move or even breath, and the back seam split as I was trying to change back to normal.

At first, I'd told my bro, "I'm going to wear this every day when I rule the world." Continuing on that thread, a little while later I added, "Ruling the world is easy; It's wearing all the fancy clothes that will wear you down." No kidding. xD

The necklace I wore with this somehow managed to give me a nightmare last night. No kidding. D:

EDIT: Aaaah HA! THAT explains it all! I recently remembered that it was in fact TWO necklaces that I was wearing together that—-in combination—-inspired the following nightmare:

I dreampt that I was outdoors beside a mansion, and bounced a supperball really hard on the sidewalk. It went around the corner of the mansion and smashed a big ol' hole through one of its upper story windows. I went inside to get the ball, but some of my friends hung back at the front door and said it was haunted. On the ground floor in a "grand hall" sort of area, right as I walked in, I took a moment to stop in the mansion's restroom. (Bad idea right? ….yeah…) Unfortunately, it was serious, and I must assume I was in there at least 20 minutes. I could hear a large group of people outside in the Grand Hall, and speaking in a loud voice over the sound of all their shoes on the waxed floors was a tour guide. Naturally, the mansion had historical value. I had to assume that giving educational tours of the place was how people kept it from falling into disrepair.

I finished up and washed my hands, only to look in the mirror over the sink and realize that a tangled, heavy mass of small, black, metal chains had grown like vines out of my own skin around my collarbone and neck. I pulled at them, but they wouldn't budge and felt really weird. Over several minutes, I even watched as the mass slowly got longer and thicker until it almost obscured me from that angle. I wanted to run out of the building, but didn't want the tour group to see someone like this. As I tried buttoning my shirt higher to cover them, a ghostly woman appeared and passively explained that 'The problem with people is that they don't believe they're real,' meaning, I guess, that they wouldn't just disappear when I left the mansion.

She continued explaining, frequently repeating that line, and I kicked the toilette onto its side. As if in rewind, the toilette stood itself back up and all the spilt water jumped back into the bowl.

In short, I stated to understand that the chains were like the chains of Marley's ghost in "A Chrismas Carol". As explained by Marley in that story, the chains we drag in the afterlife are forged by our deeds while we are alive. As such, Marley's were made of locks, keys, accounting books, and such. In the mansion, black chains growing from the heart symbolizes all the dark thins one loves; For me, the links were small, but numerous enough to form a curtain…. I really don't remember much else of the dream.

Now in my defense, I can't really figure weather the dream meant stuff like my love of writing spooky stories, such as this very nightmare in itself, or actual sins, like self-pity and holding grudges. (Which I've done too much of, lately, anyway. *pouts*)

Confound those darn necklaces. The first is actually an heirloom from my great-grandmother who died when I was 5. It's actually blue, not black, and made of "seed beads", not chain-links. I know it was the inspiration for the dream because it has many, many strands of these blue seed-beads that are tangled together for stylish effect. The second necklace which I'd at first forgotten about is a rhinestone heart suspended between two silver angel wings.

If you could only live in one season for the rest of your life, which would you choose, and why?

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Autumn, absolutely. I love the implacable feeling on the wind that something mysterious is just around the corner…. at all times…. untouchable….. overwhelming…. incessant….

Halloween haunted house wouldn't be half as scary without that atmosphere, imo.

Sure, I might bounce from climate to climate around the world just to see what the difference was between autumns geographically, but I'd be hard pressed to ever wish I could change my mind on this. Whether when I lived in Maryland, or even these days in Arizona, autumn always, always, always ends too quickly.

I always forget until I see them every year, so I'm glad this occurred to me now——-I practically spaz with delight when I see a large flock of migrating birds fly overhead. Maybe automobile owners don't appreciate such things, but I am not an automobile owner. ;3

Logically, if the first Rule of Science is
"Don't wee in the wind"

Then the second Rule of Science must be
"Don't look up with your mouth open"

If you found a magical stone that could keep one person young forever, would you keep it or give it to someone else? If the latter, to whom would you give it?

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Well, weather I kept it or gave it up, I'm pretty sure that some evil supperpowered wannabe wold dominator would soon be on the hunt to take it and kill whoever had it.

Supposing that wasn't an issue though, I might put it on a collar and give it to my dog. I'm so sad that he's getting old… 🙁

For the greater good of mankind maybe it'd be best to give it to the world's next Mother Teresa, but, honestly, I don't think someone who loved God so much would seriously want to be kept from Him for so long. No poor mortal owes more than one life's work in this cruel world, so asking someone to serve for eternity is pretty sick once you think about it. Then again, a good story could focus around an ancient line of successors… One simply retains the stone until they meet another saintly good person willing to wait around for someone else to come along and take it from them… Then again…..the longer one lives the more one sins……like how an ice-sculpture actually has more heat energy than a lit match, it's just dispersed more…….over the course of a thousand years, maybe even someone like Mother Teresa could end up at the Pearly Gates with quite a lot of explaining to do… Let's just go with "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" —John Acton and call it a day.

Take one down…..pass it around……98 immortality amulets on the wall….